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Night Skies of the Texas Outback - An All-Inclusive Hackberry Farm Photography Workshop

The first Night Skies of the Texas Outback workshop sold out, so we opened up dates for a new one! Imagine taking photos in private land locations where no one else has trod to take pictures under the darkest skies you have ever seen!

Night Skies of the Texas Outback

Welcome to the Texas Panhandle! This place is full of wide-open skies, rugged landscapes, and some of the last truly wild places in the West. In a way, the area is a land that time forgot. We’ll step back into another era and photograph old ghost towns, farmhouses, and canyonlands under a night sky nearly as dark as you’ll find anywhere.

Capture the magic of the night sky under a billion stars. At this time of year, the Milky Way is visible, the skies are dark and crisp, and the number of rustic foreground objects available is undeniably unique.

During the day, we’ll photograph nearby landscapes and points of interest. At night, we’ll set up in some of the most beautiful parts of the area to take several images that you’ll find breathtakingly surreal.

Round out your portfolio with some amazing imagery, learn new photographic techniques, spend time with like-minded people, and unleash your creativity.

If you want to learn more about this workshop, check out the registration page HERE.

Silos under a Busy Night Sky
Silos under a Busy Night Sky

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