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Partner Spotlight - David Garcia and E-Bike Nomads

We're excited to partner with eBike Nomads for select trip offerings this year. I met David a while back, and what we both do is a natural match. He provides incredible destinations with e-bikes and I provide photography instruction so you can make the most of your adventure.

Everyone, meet David:

The way we have these trips formatted is that you choose what you want to do on these trips. The first thing you’ll notice about us is that we’re VERY DIFFERENT from other bike tour operators—because we’re really not a bike tour company at all. We explore spectacular places by ebike, but that’s pretty much where any similarity ends. To better understand, let me tell you a bit about myself and why I created eBike Nomads.

First, I’m a life-long cyclist. I love bikes, planning bike trips, taking bike trips, talking about bikes and bike trips, and looking forward to my next bike trip. To say that I’m passionate about cycling is an understatement.

Hackberry Farm Photo School, Docc City, Texas
David Garcia of eBike Nomads

That said, my cycling world changed the first time I explored Europe on a bike. You see, another passion is old-world European architecture. As an architect myself, I’ve long held a love of centuries-old European villages and cities. I visited and photographed them when I could, but never really experienced these great places properly until I traveled amongst them by bike. To absorb at the pace of a bike rather than just visit by car or train was something that I did not anticipate… and something that became a life passion.

The third passion that plays into the eBike Nomads formula is my love of sharing new experiences. It’s one thing to explore and be amazed but, for me, that joy is multiplied exponentially when it is experienced with others.

So, there you have it: the basic recipe for eBike Nomads: a simple organization that allows us to explore great places by bike—and share those experiences with a few new friends.

Each year I select amazing places to visit and ride, then invite a few friends to customize those trips and join us. I provide great ebikes, plan routes, book fabulous lodgings, provide vehicle and logistical support, and make it possible for you to join with the confidence that everything is ready for you to have an unforgettable experience. Just show up, hop on the bike, explore, eat great food, and create forever memories. All you need to bring is enthusiasm, a sense of curiosity, basic cycling skills, and a yearning for fun and adventure.  We take care of the rest.

-David Garcia


Interested in traveling with us? Check out the trip lineup below:

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