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Something New for You - A FREE Download

If you haven't spotted it yet, I just uploaded a great new checklist that you can download over at the home page of Hackberry Farm.

When you load the homepage, just wait for the pop-out, enter your email, and you'll receive a download link in your inbox.

But why do you need a checklist?

These checklists are valuable for just about any time you head to the field. They'll keep your thoughts and actions organized and ensure you are always prepared. If you've been to a workshop with me before, you know I always talk about using checklists to stay organized. Well, THIS is that!

While you can use the checklist any way you want, I think the best practices include the following:

a. Print several out and customize one for each style of shooting you do. e.g. Use one for landscape photography, one for nature photography, etc. Then, use them over and over again to stay organized.

b. Copy and paste the text into the notes app on your phone and use an electronic version of the checklist.

c. Use the checklist as a handy guide each time you head out on a trip to ensure you've packed everything you'll need.

I hope you find the checklist useful.

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